digital compositions




digital compositions


digital compositions explores the borders between painting and photography. Only a few of the works are "processed photos" in which the original content of the photo is still visible. Most of the works emerge from small photo snippets that are composed and formed to a new picture. The photo snippets are uncoupled from their original context and comparable to a single brushstroke in a painting.


By means of reflection, overlay, repetition and reduction new rooms and spaces are created, new structures built. It is important to me, that those rooms and structures leave enough space for imagination. I like the idea that the beholder is adding something to the picture in her or his mind. And our eyes and brains can do this very well.


When I started to work on digital compositions I felt very soon that this is in natural correlation to my painting work. Using photo snippets of paintings or painting on printed canvas: the borders between painting and photography become blurred. This opens up a great new space to create.
















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Raimund Lampert - Es-Dur / E flat major

Es-Dur / E flat major

Raimund Lampert - 75 Himmel / 75 skies Raimund Lampert - Rennen / Race

75 Himmel / 75 skies

Rennen / Race

Raimund Lampert - 5 Ebenen eines Wasserfalls / 5 layers of a waterfall Raimund Lampert - Portrait 1 / Portrait 1

5 Ebenen eines Wasserfalls / 5 layers of a waterfall

Portrait 1 / Portrait 1

Raimund Lampert - Oberbaumbrücke / Oberbaum Bridge Raimund Lampert - Yorck Brücken / Yorck Bridges

Oberbaumbrücke / Oberbaum Bridge

Yorck Brücken / Yorck Bridges

Raimund Lampert - Regenstadt / Raincity

Regenstadt / Raincity

Raimund Lampert - Triptychon 1 / Triptych 1

Triptychon 1 / Triptych 1

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